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“Providing proven service from application to admissions to check in”


  • Evaluate academic, personal and extracurricular activity to create a comprehensive college plan of action

  • Guide client to create a balanced list of schools in review of admissibility and programs

  • Assist with management of deadlines and the overall process

  • Provide assistance to create a strong application that tells a personal “story”

  • Create itinerary to maximize college visits

  • Provide Essay Writing assistance that includes proofreading and editing

  • Monitor delivery of transcripts, test scores, and recommendation letters to meet application deadlines

  • Provide Financial Aid and Scholarship assistance

Grade Specific Consulting Services


  • Management and organization binder

  • Create timeline 

  • 11 months of one on one assistance

  • Unlimited access

  • Guided meetings focused on a goal 

  • Finalize “fit”

  • Finalize the list of schools 

  • Essay assistance

  • Guidance with managing their school’s process

  • Scholarship searches

  • Financial Aid application

  • Finalize resume


  • Management and organization binder

  • Organizing testing (PSAT/SAT/ACT)

  • Analyzing scores to determine if test prep is necessary

  • Begin looking at schools and begin finding the “fit”

  • Refine the list building 

  • Create an itinerary for college visits

  • Essay writing practice

  • Determining intern/volunteer opportunities

  • Work on Resume 

  • Identify potential recommenders


  • Management and organization binder

  • Assess and assist with course selection throughout high school

  • Create a 4 year plan for course selections (and adjust as necessary)

  • Begin to create the resume

  • Start creating a list of schools of interest

  • Determine appropriate testing

  • Services are designed around student’s specific needs.

  • Services are consultation only; they do not guarantee admission to any university or scholarship award.

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